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 dig·it·al draw·ing

/ˈdijidl/ /ˈdrôiNG/

A picture, diagram or design that is made with the help of a computer, as opposed to more traditional methods of pencil, pen or crayon.

At Digital Drawing Room, we maintain the integrity of the ancient art that is drawing – by drawing digitally, we ensure resonance with an audience with increased needs to visually understand your brand.

Drawing is not only a way to come up with pictures: drawing is a way to educate your eye to understand visual information, organising it into a more hierarchical way – a more economical way.
Carl Wallace | Founder

digital is in our blood

Digital Drawing Room is a full service digital agency based in Cape Town, South Africa.

our mandate?

To utilise the full extent of our digital talent pool
to grow and generate new business for our clients.

logo design

We craft incredibly beautiful and iconic logos that carry the essence of our clients' brands across a spectrum of industries.

brand design

We are serious about growing your brand, so let's go all the way. When we develop brands we design the way it looks, feels, sounds and communicates - in a class of its own.

web design

Our websites speak for themselves. We create breathtakingly beautiful user-experiences on our clients' websites. With every website we build, we push the boundaries of possibilities.

digital marketing

We are experts in digital marketing and content creation. Through digital marketing, we are able to reach your target audience and market your service directly to them.


People look for services on search engines and search engines look for businesses on the web, if you cannot be found, your business does not exist. We help businesses get found.


With our sister-company, WAPP, we develop mobile and web apps, sophisticated cloud platforms and solutions for businesses world-wide.

The Digital Drawing Room astronaut is a symbol of "everything is possible" in our full stack digital agency

 our brand

With an ambition to create something bigger,
something of substance, and with a purpose to
change the perception of how brands and technology
interact with each other, we created Digital Drawing Room.

With the goal of creating noteworthy brands and technologies, this new brand is an ode to the principles within our group of companies that ultimately create significance; not only for ourselves, but for each of our clients.

By listening carefully we formulate ideas that evolves into concepts to achieve extraordinary results. Through repetition & multiple iterations we achieve the ultimate perfection. We simplify everything until everything we touch create the ultimate experience.

As a full service digital agency, we combine creativity and technology to cultivate brands beyond their limitations. – Carl Wallace | Group CEO

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